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image5Hi, friends!

Are you just like me, feeling like you don’t have the time to do everything you want to do, yet can’t seem to do it? Do you feel like you go from task to task, without a time to rest and relax? Or do you know that the Lord calls us to take a Sabbath once a week and rest, yet you can’t seem to actually rest or have the motivation to do it?

I wrote a booklet answering those questions for the girls on my floor at College, and I got such good feedback, that I’d love to give you a copy!

This booklet is sweet and simple, providing the reason why we Sabbath and some practical ways to do that.

Let me give you a little insider on one of the lines in this booklet:

“We stop working in order to show God that we realize that we are not the Savior of ourselves: He is.”

Is there anyone else that needed that line as much as me? If that interests you, please download a copy, share it with your friends, and check out my blog!

All you have to do is enter your e-mail and I’ll send you the document as soon as possible!

Happy Reading! ~ Becca