DR in Pictures

I have been writing blogs every week to share with people my experience in the Dominican Republic and what I’ve learned, but let’s be honest; who has time to read all of those? (If you do, though, Click here and read away!)

For those who have a busy schedule with not much time to read, or those who love pictures, I’ve decided to post this to share so that hopefully you could get a overview of my experience! Can I condense eight months down to fifteen pictures? They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s begin!

I’ve been able to experience these past eight or so months with these wonderful people.
We’ve done a lot together, and we go on a lot of adventures!
We’re blessed to be living in such a beautiful area (cockroaches and all)…
…and I’m blessed to have such amazing roommates!
The food and culture may be different here, but I actually like it better.
We all know the Dominican Republic for its wonderful beaches…
…but it also has beautiful mountains and waterfalls.
I’ve been blessed to be able to experience some of the amazing wonders that God has given this island.
But don’t worry; it’s not all fun and games. We intensely study Spanish and Bible about four days a week…
…and I have some pretty wonderful teachers (but don’t tell them that, cause it’ll get to their head 🙂 )
Not only that, but I’ve been able to use my talents and passion to serve here in the DR…
…and participate on numerous trips, both through translating and presenting the Gospel to others (and I got over my fear of using puppets!).
Every week, I teach English with this beautiful girl at a preschool and with a girl’s group; we get to understand the culture and speak Truth into these girl’s lives.
The people of the village have inspired me more than they could ever know. Ana is just an example of one of the many people that has poured into my life for these past eight months.
All in all, I’ve had a wonderful experience; may the Lord bless my efforts here, and bless the wonderful people I got to know.


Interested in taking a GAP year of your own? I would highly reccommend it! The Lord has pushed me and challenged me in so many ways, and now I feel more prepared to have a missional mindset, no matter where I go. Thank you for journeying with me through these past eight months 🙂