What’s the Big Deal about Travel?

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’ve got the travel bug. I just spent the last hour listening to a podcast about travel, and I, myself have gone on numerous travel experiences. Two of my most impactful trips were my nine-month trip to the Dominican Republic and my three-month trip to Costa Rica….

What I Would Say to myself in my Hardest Moment

Looking back on my 3-month trip to Costa Rica, I really enjoyed myself. I had fun. I learned. I experienced another culture in a way that I never would’ve been able to experience otherwise, and I made friends with a family that loved me and cared for me throughout the whole time I was there….

A Letter to the Weary

Sweet Friend, I know you feel like you can’t do it anymore. I know you feel stressed, down, and depressed. The joy of life may be hard to see right now. I know, it sucks. Friend, while you are going through this, I want to remind you of something. God is not finished with you…


Today, my team and I are resting at a house near the Mennonite church we attend, away from our host families and away from our new “normal.” It’s a perfect time to bond more with my group. And yet, while I have the perfect opportunity to pour into others, I want to retreat away from…

Rest in the Work

Relaxed doesn’t mean lazy. “It seems like they have no care in the world. I wish I could be like them, with no stress whatsoever.” – Average person going on a mission trip Wrong.

Sleepless nights 

Have you ever had this happen to you? The moment you’re sick with a cold and need sleep the most is the moment that you cannot fall asleep? I’m having one of those nights. Instead of getting the rest I need, I’m just sitting in bed until the wave of exhaustion wins over my stubborn…

New Beginnings 

Today is day 37 our 82 day journey. We have officially moved from the big city of San Jose, to the small, rural area of Shiroles, just next to the Panama border on the north eastern side of Costa Rica. As the group paired up and set out to live the local way with their…

Exciting News… you gotta read this!

Did that title grab your attention? Well, that is exactly how I feel right now . . . I literally can’t hold it in . . . God is so good. You know when you know how good and great He is, with His perfect timing, yet once you actually experience it, it shocks you?…

2016 in Review

I know that everyone is posting about their year, the good and the bad that it both brought, and I decided to jump on that bandwagon, in blog form. Basically, it gives me more space to write and just ramble on about my year. I realized how much I’ve gone through this year, how much…


Perhaps some future day, Lord, Thy strong hand will lead me to the place where I must stand utterly alone, alone, oh gracious Lover, but for Thee. I shall be satisfied if I can see Jesus only. I do not know thy plan for years to come. My spirit finds in Thee its perfect home: sufficiency….