Everyone Has Their Life Together … Except Me.

I’m gonna let you inside my mind for a second. I couldn’t find a picture taken recently to perfectly capture this theme. The ideal would be a picture with a group of my friends and I, with everyone looking perfect except for me, just chillin’ with a derpy face. BUT, I realized that I had deleted all those pictures off my phone.

Which totally supports the reason why I need to write this post.

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Why We Need Our Voice To Be Heard

Note: This is definitely a different blog post than I’m used to writing. I don’t want to offend or cause trouble with anyone regarding the examples I’m going to share, so know in advance that I do not have any hard feelings regarding anything I discuss in this blog.

This is SUCH an interesting question to explore. Am I the only one who wonders why people want their voices to be heard?

For example, have you noticed that the percentage of people who own a blog has increased rapidly in only a few, short years? And why do I write blog posts regularly? Although not many people read them, it makes me feel like I’m doing something in the world, as an outlet to pour Truth into people I may or may not have even met. Why do you think The Oddessy Online is so popular with millenials? Everyone seems to have something to share, but why do we need the platform of a blog post to do it?

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Grandma’s Wisdom: Celebrate Life

This is a hard time of the year. This past Sunday marked the one year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing. She was a very godly woman, popular, with a kindness so big that she would take out every “skip” and “draw two” card in Uno, because it was “so mean to place that horrible card on another person.” She was an inspiration, and I had no clue how to spend the day without her…

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Perhaps some future day, Lord, Thy strong hand will lead me to the place where I must stand utterly alone, alone, oh gracious Lover, but for Thee.

I shall be satisfied if I can see Jesus only. I do not know thy plan for years to come. My spirit finds in Thee its perfect home: sufficiency. Lord, all my desire is before Thee now. Lead on no matter where, no matter how, I trust in Thee. -Elizabeth Elliot


This quote is one of the most beautiful quotes that I have read in a long time. Elizabeth Elliot was a wonderful example of a godly woman, and she truly loved the Lord. She was not perfect, though Continue reading “Sufficiency”

Why Spain?

I have a feeling that most people have a lot of questions right now relating to what I am doing this July. Why would someone, after recently coming back from an eight month experience out of the country, decide to spend their summer in another one? What’s wrong with the US? What’s wrong with the Dominican Republic?

In the words of my one friend, “You can’t seem to stay in the States, can you?”

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Missions in the States?

I can’t believe how quickly the busyness and the business mindset of America can get to someone so quickly. I’m already being engulfed into the American culture and the unnecessary busyness that I used to put myself in and am starting to put myself under again. Everything from college paperwork, to taking an online summer class, to working two jobs, I just really put myself in a tough situation. Some serious cutting down and prioritizing will be done within the next couple of days!

Oh, how easy it is to revert back to the way you once were! It’s super easy for me to keep the change just as a change in the DR, but I know that with time, the new changes that I made will eventually become habit and a part of the routine here in the US. It takes a bit of time, though, and I am definitely struggling to find that balance of schedule (although as a Christian, I don’t know if the safety word “balance” really fits well…)

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Let’s just say that transitioning has been one of the hardest things in the world  most interesting experiences I have had.

I was at the doctor’s yesterday, and I started bawling out of the blue. Within a couple of hours after landing in the Philly airport, I had already been crying. I haven’t been this emotional in months. Why now?

It all can be explained in one word: transition.

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