About the Blog


Have you ever thought that you were alone in what you were going through? Yeah, I thought so, too, until I started to write about it. When we write and talk with others, we realize that we may not be so different from one another.

Learn with me as I share my experiences, travels, and life lessons that God has been teaching me through day-to-day life. Prepare yourself, though, because it may be a bumpy ride. Life seems to have those crazy twists and turns, and for some reason, I always tend to get caught up in those. That just makes living in the world all the more exciting.

I hope you laugh, cry, get challenged, and enjoy reading about one’s experience through the raw, not sugar-coated, thing in this world called life.  We may be in a big world, and live a simple life, but we are not alone. Happy reading!

– Becca 

Also, don’t y’all love the pictures that are on this site? My friend, Tristin, took them for us and they’re beautiful! Go check her out on Instagram @tngphotography 🙂

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