A Letter to the Weary

Sweet Friend,

I know you feel like you can’t do it anymore. I know you feel stressed, down, and depressed. The joy of life may be hard to see right now. I know, it sucks.

Friend, while you are going through this, I want to remind you of something.

God is not finished with you yet.

He knew this season of your life would come to be. He knew that this would make You want to draw closer to Him, and He will use this time to grow you to become more of the Creation He planned for you to be. Each and every day, we are being molded into His likeness and when our Creator starts on a project of restoration, He always will see that it is completed.

It’s like watching a movie and knowing the ending in advance. When you get to the point of the movie that everything is seeming to fall apart, you’re not as sad. Why? You know things will work out in the end. My friend, things will get better. The Lord promises that. When, exactly? I’m not sure. But I know that the Lord always fulfills His promises.

Let me say that again. He fulfills. He literally fills to the full. He takes joy in that. He absolutely loves you, adores you, and wants to spend time with you.

When you don’t know who to turn to, He is there. And it may not seem satisfying, but He gives us living water that never runs out, that will never make us thirsty again. I promise you that He truly fulfills the deepest desires of our souls.

The moment you feel weary and a like failure, realize that in the deepest weaknesses and flaws, the Lord is made known. You can make an impact for the Lord’s Kingdom through your weaknesses. You may not feel like the Lord can forgive you for what you have done. My friend, know that God can forgive that and more. His power and readiness to forgive is so great.
Have you learned that when you start relying on your “natural” strengths for everything instead of Him, He tends to take those away? It’s not because He’s a bad Father; it’s because He wants you to realize that human strengths or advantages are nothing compared to the Lord’s strength.

Weakness. Weariness. What beautiful words.

Why? They show us just how much we need Him. They remind us that we are nothing, and He is everything. That is so freeing! When we realize that we don’t have to strive anymore on our own strength, our focus on the weakness and weariness slowly fades.

Don’t be chained by weariness, but rather take joy in God’s unconditional love. Don’t take pity on yourself; use your situation as a way to serve others. Remind yourself every day to be filled by the Lord and help others do the same.

You weariness is real, but there is a way to overcome it. Let’s do this together.


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