Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

I have been living in Costa Rica for more than two weeks, and I haven’t been sharing much about my experience. So, naturally, this is the blog post where I tell you all about my amazing experience in Costa Rica, the amazing host family that I have, and the wonderful adventures that I’m going on, right?


Don’t get me wrong, those things above are all true. It’s been a great experience here. I have tons of photo evidence displaying the beautiful features of the country, the fun people I am getting to know, and the great photographers we have on our trip (aka, John and his fancy camera).

Exhibit A: John’s cool camera 📷

And while I am not lying through those pictures, I am also not sharing everything that is going on; so here’s to sharing the second half of my adventure.

Let me be honest with you. Living in another culture is difficult.

It’s been hard, yet rewarding going to classes, learning the bus routes in the city, and trying to make sure my teammates are getting the most out of their experience while learning the area, myself. My patience has been tested multiple times on this trip, including the time we were at a construction zone for an hour with no sight of movement. My faith has been stretched through going to a type of church that isn’t natural for me to worship. I have definitely had my uncomfortable moments.

I went to visit the village of Shiroles that we will be staying in for the next seven weeks, and there I had even more of a culture shock. When I get hot, I get grumpy, and let’s just say that the humidity there combined with the rainy season will take a while for me to get used to. The people were new, and I felt like I had to start all over again with making friends, which is difficult to do with a language barrier. I was definitely uncomfortable.

Do you know what makes me even more uncomfortable? Comfortability.

It’s so easy to breeze through life and not trust the Lord. These times we are uncomfortable put us in a sweet spot, one that is destined to have us look to Him through everything.

I reflect on the Church in the States, and I realize just how comfortable we have become. We are content with going to church every Sunday and sitting in the same seat with the same people every week to fulfill our “spiritual desires.”

But what if Christianity was more than that?

I’m thankful for these uncomfortable times. They may not seem like much, but they are hard enough to push me to trust Him and get myself outside of my comfort zone.

Our group decided that pushing ourselves and pushing each other would be the goal of our trip, and I couldn’t think of a better goal. We might not be challenged in the ways we think we should, but God definitely does not call us to be stagnant people.

It’s time that I embrace the uncomfortable, using it to push myself to grow closer to Him each and every day. Who else wants to join?<<<<<<

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