New Beginnings 

Today is day 37 our 82 day journey. We have officially moved from the big city of San Jose, to the small, rural area of Shiroles, just next to the Panama border on the north eastern side of Costa Rica. 
As the group paired up and set out to live the local way with their host families, my partner and I were blessed enough to travel with our host parents to Coroma, the most off-the-grid place I have been. We had to take a boat ride, go on a bus, and hike for 45 minutes to get there. The journey was amazingly beautiful.
During this time, we were able to help out a short-term group with their work projects. We bathed in the river every night, played (or watched) soccer with the locals, and just talked.
It’s crazy to see the difference between a short term group and a longer-term mission group. Although I really enjoyed my time in Coroma, I wouldn’t say that I got to know Coroma. I was only there for five days, doing some work and talking with people in the process. And although those short-term trips can be helpful, I am so thankful to be living in Shiroles for two months to really get to know my family. 
This week, the Lord has been teaching me the gift of silence. There have been a lot of times that I’ve wanted to show someone the “more efficient” way to do things, or to do something for them. I’m learning that I can’t always fix people’s problems and that letting someone struggle through situations, whether that be the language barrier or something else, can be more valuable than giving them the “right answer.”

If you could be praying for our IMMERSION group, please pray that we all can grow closer to our host families and build relationships with the locals. Thank the Lord that whatever community we are in, we can build community. 

Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

I have been living in Costa Rica for more than two weeks, and I haven’t been sharing much about my experience. So, naturally, this is the blog post where I tell you all about my amazing experience in Costa Rica, the amazing host family that I have, and the wonderful adventures that I’m going on, right?


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