2016 in Review

I know that everyone is posting about their year, the good and the bad that it both brought, and I decided to jump on that bandwagon, in blog form. Basically, it gives me more space to write and just ramble on about my year. I realized how much I’ve gone through this year, how much I’ve learned, and the new experiences I encountered that have grown me into the person I am today, and I wanted to reflect on that.

So, what did I experience in 2016?

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Can we just BE?

Remember when I used to make it a goal to blog once a week, so I could relax, reflect, and hopefully encourage someone in the process? Yeah, I remember that, too. Oh, the good old days . . . (aka, a couple of months ago!)

I tell myself that blogging can wait, because I have a lot to do, tons of responsibility, and many friendships to maintain. But if I can’t even get myself away from my friends for a couple of hours in order to process and fill myself up with Truth, how can I even think about pouring Truth into their lives?

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