I’m Not As Happy As You May Think

At first, I was going to title this post “how to be happy” but then realized that I didn’t want this to seem like a stereotypical “how-to” list with random GIFs that attract the majority of millenials trying to procrastinate on schoolwork. With open access for anyone to start their own blog, we encounter a lot of useless, silly posts that may be comical but also are a waste our time. I try not to write like that.

I don’t blog to get as many views as I can or provide people with an opportunity to procrastinate; I blog to remind myself of Truth and bring clarity in my own life and possibly in yours.

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Numb Faith

Have you ever been in a place where your faith became numb? If so, what did you do to get out of it?

Coming from a public High School where barely anyone shared the same faith as me, and the Dominican, where I was challenged and shown almost every single weakness I had, I now am at a spot where it’s super easy to become numb in my faith. The public school brought me opportunities to share my faith and strengthen it through testing it against other lifestyles/beliefs, while the Dominican brought me very godly people where I couldn’t help but see my weaknesses and grow to become more like Him. Right now, though, I’m kind of stuck.

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When God Disrupts Us

The fans are on, the room is pitch black, and everyone is asleep… But me.

If anyone knows me, they know that I am a heavy sleeper. It doesn’t matter who I’m with or where I am, I’ll fall asleep. Movies are the prime time for sleeping, and carpeted floors are strangely my favorite surface to sleep on. I take pride in my ability to fall asleep both during my own graduation party and and also while sitting upright in a car. I love my sleep.

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