Why Spain?

I have a feeling that most people have a lot of questions right now relating to what I am doing this July. Why would someone, after recently coming back from an eight month experience out of the country, decide to spend their summer in another one? What’s wrong with the US? What’s wrong with the Dominican Republic?

In the words of my one friend, “You can’t seem to stay in the States, can you?”

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Missions in the States?

I can’t believe how quickly the busyness and the business mindset of America can get to someone so quickly. I’m already being engulfed into the American culture and the unnecessary busyness that I used to put myself in and am starting to put myself under again. Everything from college paperwork, to taking an online summer class, to working two jobs, I just really put myself in a tough situation. Some serious cutting down and prioritizing will be done within the next couple of days!

Oh, how easy it is to revert back to the way you once were! It’s super easy for me to keep the change just as a change in the DR, but I know that with time, the new changes that I made will eventually become habit and a part of the routine here in the US. It takes a bit of time, though, and I am definitely struggling to find that balance of schedule (although as a Christian, I don’t know if the safety word “balance” really fits well…)

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Let’s just say that transitioning has been one of the hardest things in the world  most interesting experiences I have had.

I was at the doctor’s yesterday, and I started bawling out of the blue. Within a couple of hours after landing in the Philly airport, I had already been crying. I haven’t been this emotional in months. Why now?

It all can be explained in one word: transition.

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